05-370 Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Carlos Mejia-Monasterio, Emmanuel Zabey
Memory Effects in Nonequilibrium Transport for Deterministic Hamiltonian Systems (1099K, postscript) Oct 26, 05
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Abstract. We consider nonequilibrium transport in a simple chain of identical mechanical boxes in which particles move around. In each box, there is a rotating disc, with which these particles interact, and this is the only interaction in the model. It was shown earlier that to a good approximation, the jump rates of particles and the energy-exchange rates from cell to cell follow linear profiles. Here, we refine that study, by analyzing higher-order effects which are induced by the presence of external gradients. These effects are due to asymmetric exit rates of particles from an individual cell when subjected to an external thermodynamical gradient and are typical of Hamiltonian dynamics. We develop a stochastic theory which explains how these asymmetries affect various aspects of heat and particle transport in systems of the general type described above. We verify our assumptions with extensive numerical simulations.

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