02-82 J. M. Combes, P. D. Hislop, F. Klopp
Holder continuity of the integrated density of states for some random operators at all energies (76K, LaTex 2e) Feb 21, 02
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Abstract. We prove that the integrated density of states of random \Schr\ operators with Anderson-type potentials on $L^2 ( \R^d)$, for $d \geq 1$, is locally H{\"o}lder continuous at all energies. The single-site potential $u$ must be nonnegative and compactly supported, and the distribution of the random variable must be absolutely continuous with a bounded, compactly supported density. We also prove this result for random Anderson-type perturbations of the Landau Hamiltonian in two-dimensions under a rational flux condition.

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